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Study Finds Top Pandemic Consumer Behaviors Likely to Last - PCMA

July 15, 2021 8:32 AM | Morgan Christopher (Administrator)

To determine how enduring pandemic-spurred consumer changes will be, earlier this year McKinsey Global Institute examined a wide array of behaviors across five countries — China, France, Germany, the United Kingdom, and the United States — using a “stickiness” test. The test took into account the preferences of consumers and workers in addition to the actions of companies, including, according to MarketWatch, “the innovation unlocked by digital tools, and decisions made by governments.”

The biggest trend McKinsey analysts think will remain is home nesting. When the COVID-19 lockdowns drove everyone indoors, people started making significant investments in furnishings, durables, tools and equipment — think large-screen TVs and Peleton bikes, both of which saw soaring sales. Media and entertainment companies ramped up their streaming distribution channels and grocery chains focused heavily on their online delivery services.

And that trend — online shopping across all sectors — McKinsey predicts will stick.

To read the full article - Study Finds Top Pandemic Consumer Behaviors Likely to Last (pcma.org)


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