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Feel Like You don't Fit In ? Find Out Where You Truly Belong - ideas.TED.com

September 14, 2020 10:56 AM | Morgan Christopher (Administrator)

Sharing this article from TED as we prepare for CSPI's next Town Hall Call on Thursday, September 17th - 'Marketing Yourself as a Sales Professional"

The word “individual” has an inherent duality: it means the smallest member of a group. An individual is therefore never isolated; she is always connected. Every one of the 7.5 billion humans on the earth has value to offer, especially now in a distributed world where you can get things done through networks. This is the power of what I call “onlyness”: you’re standing in a spot that only you stand in, which is a function of your history, experiences, visions and hopes, and it’s from here you offer a distinct point of view, insights and ideas. When you can grow and realize those ideas through your networks and through connectedness, you have a new lever to move the world. Onlyness is like an individual, then, in that it is born of you and also that it unites you meaningfully with others; it is the connected you."

To find your people, you have to know how to signal your passions and interests and seek out theirs. 

For the full article - https://ideas.ted.com/feel-like-you-dont-fit-in-heres-how-to-find-where-you-truly-belong/?utm_medium=referral&utm_source=linkedin.com&utm_campaign=social&utm_content=2020-9-14


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